About Us

Janata Agro and Forestry Limited (JAFL) is a company in Nepal that specializes in agricultural and forestry products. With a focus on high-value production and market demand, JAFL recognizes the need for new infrastructure that can improve access for firms to customers and farmers.

By developing commercially viable and sustainable solutions, JAFL emphasizes the importance of collaboration with international development bodies, private sector players, inter-professional associations, and academic and research institutions to mobilize additional resources and address market failures. JAFL’s investment in impact projects aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals and emphasizes the creation of Nepal’s regional identity in the global market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading player in the agricultural industry in Nepal, with a focus on the high-value addition of agricultural commodities such as medicinal plants, essential oils, herbs, non-timber forest products, and agro-forestry products.

We aspire to be known for our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and creating value for our stakeholders. We plan to achieve this by ensuring investments in high-value chain processing industries and infrastructure development, facilitating the induction of the latest technology for collection, transportation, and processing in each zone, and investing in companies with similar objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a sustainable and high-value raw material supply chain for each agro-industrial park in Nepal while promoting exports-based commercial farming and practices through education and training to the farmers.

We aim to invest in modern technology and research facilities, provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for food processing in selected clusters across all provinces, and create a sustainable entrepreneurial network for the production and processing of agricultural products and healthy food.

Board Of Director

Mr. Pawan Kumar Golyan

Mr. Bhoj Bahadur Shah
Vice- Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Prem Bahadur Lama
Director and Director of Operations

Mr. Kamalesh Kumar Agrawal
Director and Director of Finance

Mr. Nar Bahadur Karki
Director and Director of Research & Development

Mr. Upendra Keshari Neupane
Director and Director of Law

Mr. Paritosh Paudel

Mr. Keshab Bahadur Rayamajhi

Mr. Tikaram Puri