About Ashapuri

Ashapuri Organic Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organic company based in Nepal, founded in 2002 with the establishment of Ashapuri Organic Farm. The company is committed to promoting and producing organic foods, including vegetables, fruits, tea, and coffee. Ashapuri Organic Farm is a 100% certified organic farm located in Nepal and one of the country’s largest organic farms.​
The company’s mission is to provide consumers with high-quality organic products that are healthy and sustainable. Ashapuri Organic Pvt. Ltd. prides itself on its commitment to organic farming practices, which involve using natural fertilizers and pesticides and avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs).​
With its dedication to organic farming, Ashapuri Organic Pvt. Ltd. has become a well-known brand in Nepal and beyond. The company’s products are highly sought after by health-conscious consumers, and its reputation for quality has helped it expand its market reach beyond Nepal’s borders.​
Ashapuri Organic Pvt. Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality organic products while promoting sustainable agriculture. With its commitment to organic farming practices and its reputation for quality, the company is poised for continued success in the years to come.​

Our Vision

is to become a leading provider of organic products, recognized for their commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. They may aim to expand their product line, reach new markets, and continue to innovate in the organic farming and food production industries.

Our Mission

is to provide high-quality organic products to consumers while promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment.